Superior Car Storage & Transportation

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(Storage rates are for 12 weeks or longer)

Standard Dry Storage
(in secure insulated building)
£28.00 per week
De-humidified Climate Controlled Storage
(as above)
£35.00 per week
These prices are for vehicles not exceeding 17 feet in length (5.2m). Longer vehicles please enquire.
Active Maintenance Programme £6.95 per week
Enhanced Active Maintenance Programme £12.95 per week
Airflow Chamber Rental £7.50 per week
Initial wash, leather, dry & vacuum of interior £30.00
Visual Inspection of vehicle on a 4 post lift £60.00
Owners removal & return fee, includes vehicle check, wash, leather & dry £30.00
Vehicle Photos (such as required for insurance purposes) £65.00
Hard Top Storage £10.50 per week
Storage of Components Please enquire
Trailer Storage & Maintenance Please enquire
Trailer Removal & Return £18.00
Motorcycle Storage – Standard Dry Storage from £15.00 per week
Battery Conditioner* # £4.50 per week
Engine run up to temp / drive exercise within private grounds* # £35.00
Vehicle Road Exercise # £45.00
Rolling Road Dyno – exercise under light/medium load conditions # £60.00
Brake Meter – roller exercise and test brakes # £28.00
Brake Fluid Safety Test (moisture/boiling point) # £15.00
Vehicle weight Check (axle and total) £60.00
Present for MOT 1.5 Hours Labour + Test Fee
Workshop Labour Rate £55.00 per hour
  • Items marked * are included in the Active Maintenance Programme
  • Items marked # are included in the Enhanced Active Maintenance Programme
  • Please Note:- All the above prices are subject to VAT at the current rate

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