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Storage Maintenance Programmes

Despite keeping a vehicle stored in the best possible conditions, there is an essential requirement to maintain & exercise vehicles. Mechanical & electrical components will deteriorate if a vehicle is not properly maintained. Such deterioration may not be apparent until the vehicle is out of storage & driven. We offer two packages to extend the basic storage procedure & maintenance programme to meet our customers specific needs. Any of the programmes can be customized to meet specific requirements.

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Basic Storage Procedures & Maintenance

This is the starting point for all vehicles in storage.

On arrival to storage, a vehicle checklist report is completed and the delivering client/agent receives a copy.  Car is hand washed, leathered, dried and the interior is vacuumed.

Prior to entering storage, (where applicable) the vehicle will undergo a general visual inspection. This includes engine compartment check, including checking fluid levels & antifreeze strength. Vehicle will be placed on a 4 post lift to carry out a storage visual safety check of underside components. Tyre pressures are adjusted to storage conditions as per manufacturers’ guidelines.

On entering storage the battery will be disconnected (where applicable) & car covered with a semi tailored car cover.  At the end of the storage period, prior to handover, under bonnet checks will be carried out & tyre pressures adjusted to normal road use.

This programme is suitable for vehicles in short term storage or for non-running vehicles. This is the starting base and can be easily built on & tailored to suit any vehicle or requirement.

Active Storage Maintenance Programme

This is essential for vehicles not in regular use.

This follows on from the basic storage procedures & maintenance detailed on this page. During storage the vehicle is rolled into different positions to relieve standing weight on tyres & wheel bearings. Tyre pressures are monitored & adjusted. A battery conditioner is connected and voltage monitored & auto recharged (all operations where applicable).

Every 30 days under bonnet checks will be carried out, vehicles moved to outside yard, engine run up to full working temperature, the vehicle will then be driven around our private grounds to exercise clutch / auto box transmission, brakes, steering & suspension. Air conditioning & heater will be run, electric motors, servos, switches, relays, & solenoids will be exercised. Electric windows, sunroof/electric hood, seats, locks, wipers, washers, lights, horn, all operated & checked. Additional under bonnet checks carried out, with engine at normal running temperature.

This programme is suitable for vehicles in mid to long term storage that may be used periodically.

Enhanced Active Storage Maintenance Programme

Includes the Active Maintenance Programme, with the addition of where applicable at 90 days a full mechanical test & exercise. Vehicle placed on a lift & a general visual inspection carried out of the underside. This enables more thorough checking of drive belts, cooling systems, fuel supply, brake, & transmission components, exhaust, steering & suspension. Lubricate all components where applicable, & carry out a brake fluid quality test. At 12 month intervals all fluids (including engine oil, coolant, brake & clutch fluid etc) will be changed* (as applicable).

In addition includes the vehicle placed on a Hofmann Dynatest rolling road dyno to carry out a programmed simulated road test exercising engine & transmission under light to medium load conditions using all gears. Vehicle then driven on to a BM Autoteknik brake test meter. Carry out brake exercise & test on brake roller test meter. Enhanced exercising of suspension & steering, cooling system checked under pressure, checking for leaks & cooling fan operation. Check for any detrimental fluid leaks. Alternatively, should owners prefer, a road exercise / test can be carried out in lieu of rolling road dyno exercise.

This programme is suitable for vehicles in long term storage, for those that are not used regularly & those that cannot be driven on public highways.

Please note manufacturers minimum service and maintenance procedures should always be adhered to.
*Labour costs included. Only fluids/materials used are charged.

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